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F-Secure Endpoint Detection

Endpoint Detection & Response (F-Secure)

Your most valuable data lives on the endpoint. Constantly monitor your network and detect cyber attacks that are targeting what matters most to your business.

  • See everything – Full visibility into the whole IT environment
  • Detect incidents – Immediate alerts with minimal false positives
  • Stop breaches – Built-in response and guidance when under attack

Note – Cyber21 are F-Secure partners and supply their products direct to our customers.

Broad Context Detection™

The broader context of targeted attacks becomes instantly visible on a timeline with all impacted hosts, relevant events and recommended actions.

The solution uses real-time behavioural, reputational and big data analysis with machine learning to automatically place detections into a broader context, including risk levels, affected host importance and the prevailing threat landscape.

Elevate to F-Secure

Some detections require deeper threat analysis and guidance by specialised cyber security experts. For these tough cases, the solution has a unique built-in “Elevate to F-Secure” service. It offers professional incident analysis of methods and technologies, network routes, traffic origins, and timelines of Broad Context Detection™ to provide expert advice and further response guidance whenever under attack. 

Automated Response

Automated response actions can be used to reduce the impact of targeted cyber attacks by containing them around the clock whenever risk levels are high enough. Based on predefined schedules, this automation is designed specifically to support teams only available during business hours, also taking the criticality of detections into account.

Host isolation

Stopping breaches as early as possible is paramount, and with Host isolation, this can be achieved. When a breach is detected the host affected can be automatically or manually isolated from the network, stopping the attacker from using the host.

Meanwhile, the host can be investigated by IT Security specialists for evidence about the breach. Even if the host is otherwise isolated, it can still be centrally managed from the Management portal.

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Licensing and Pricing Information

These products are supplied on flexible licensing terms i.e. 3 years, 1 year or monthly pay as you go.

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