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Managed Security For Your Organisation

Cyber21 provides six different service levels for Security as a Service. Note - the pricing below reflects the monthly fees based upon the maximum of five devices. Monthly fees increase depending upon the number of devices that need to be protected. Contact us for more information and a detailed proposal.

Level 1


+ VAT per month
  • This is our minimum level of Security as a Service, designed for small organisations that do not process significant amounts of data.

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Level 2


+ VAT per month
  • Level 2 of our Security as a Service is designed for small organisations that process significant amounts of data, including sensitive data.

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Level 3


+ VAT per month
  • Our mid-range Security as a Service option is designed for small and medium-sized organisations that wish to outsource their cyber security.

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Level 4


+ VAT per month
  • A popular Security as a Service level that is designed for medium-sized organisations that process large amounts of data.

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Level 5


+ VAT per month
  • This Security as a Service level is designed for larger organisations who are looking to outsource their cyber security to a trusted partner.

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Level 6


+ VAT per month
  • A comprehensive Security as a Service level designed for large organisations who need to have strong and robust cyber security in place.

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Cyber Security as a Service (SOC)

Do you have the necessary skills, technology and experience to defend your organisation from cyber related attacks?

If the answer is ‘no’ then we can provide an affordable solution to protect your organisation and reduce the risks associated with cyber crime.

Cyber Security as a Service overview

Cyber21 provides security expertise and technical solutions to our customers as a service. We design a solution to suit your specific requirements using our wide range of products, including cloud-based threat detection and management solutions (see our range of products). This service is based upon our Security Operations Centre (SOC). This combines a virtual platform of technology with the skills of our cyber security professionals.

Typically, our service is managed by your dedicated Senior Cyber Security Consultant. They familiarise themselves with your organisation and operate as though they were an employee. The components of the SOC will vary depending upon your budget and perceived threat exposure (see the service levels above).

Solutions include:

  • Automated Intrusion Monitoring and Detection with active threat hunting and containment
  • The latest in Endpoint protection, securing your organisation’s workstations and servers, even when they are off the company network
  • Strong protection against email threats including Phishing, using the very latest in proactive monitoring for solutions such as Office 365
  • Security and awareness training for your employees so that they quickly recognise the most common threats (e.g. with social engineering)

The SOC is typically supported by our team working 24/7, 365 days per year. Our cyber security professionals are based both on- and offshore. We can operate with a mix of resources depending upon your preferred working arrangements and budget constraints.

Pricing Information

  • The service is based upon six different service levels and the fee will vary depending upon your actual requirements and numbers of devices that require protection.
  • The service is based upon a monthly fee, with a 12-month minimum contract.
  • After the initial 12-months the contract transfers to a monthly rolling contract.

Please complete the enquiry form below to find out more information.

Why choose our cyber security services?

Our cyber security services are designed to support your existing IT team to effectively manage cyber security without having to hire expensive and highly skilled additional staff members.

  • We can operate at all levels, from Cyber Security Analysts to interim Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  • Our services are cost-effective, flexible and designed to plug any gaps in your existing cyber security team.
  • We have both onshore and offshore teams to manage your cyber security requirements, 24/7, 365 days per year.

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