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Cyber Security Strategy

Before investing in cyber security, we would always advocate that you develop a focused Cyber Security Strategy, designed to deliver the best value to your organisation from such an important investment.

What is the purpose of the strategy?

The core purpose of the strategy is to ensure that you:

  • Improve your overall information and cyber security posture
  • Directly support your critical business objectives
  • Deliver value for money risk-based reduction
  • Approach the improvements with an affordable plan that is both financially sound and technically feasible
  • Prioritise the areas where your business is most at risk

Taking a strategic approach to cyber security is highly beneficial as it can result in significant cost savings and reduce the risk of avoidable mistakes.

We offer an affordable option to review your current situation and develop a Cyber Security Strategy that works for you. To start with, you will benefit from a Free Cyber Security Assessment, after which we will know the strengths and weaknesses that are currently present.

The current ‘as is’ model will be the starting point for your cyber security journey, taking you to a place where you’re better protected and less vulnerable to a successful attack.

Cyber Security Strategy Pricing Information

  • The Cyber Security Assessment is totally free of charge
  • We charge an affordable day rate based upon a professional working day
  • The category of resource that applies to this service is our Senior Consultant (onshore)

Please complete our enquiry form below, stating which specific services you are interested in, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Why select Cyber21 as your strategic partner for cyber security?

Cyber21 have years of experience in designing and implementing effective but affordable strategies to reduce the risk from cyber-related crime.

  • We always prioritise our focus based upon your business goals and objectives.
  • Our team are highly skilled in cyber consultancy, providing support to multi-million-pound businesses in the UK.
  • We have the partner contacts to implement the highest class of cyber solutions for your growing business.

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Contact us to discuss how we can assist you to define and implement an affordable, value-driven cyber security strategy.

Interested in developing a Cyber Security Strategy?