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Free Cyber Security Assessment

The threat to your organisation from cyber related crime is rising exponentially. These threats are real – organisations are frequently attacked by criminals looking to steal personal data and disrupt operational services with a view to holding businesses to ransom.

These criminals are more organised than ever and are able to attack organisations with little to no possibility of ever being caught. The ratio of risk versus reward here is very low for the perpetrators of these attacks which often leaves the victims with no possible alternative other than to pay a ransom. The financial rewards can be extremely attractive – in many cases millions of pounds a year can be extorted from victims without any likelihood of being caught.

So, how safe is your organisation from cyber-related crime?

You need to assess if you could you do without your company website or key business systems for perhaps weeks at a time if you were the victim of a successful attack.

free cyber security assessment
*Provided by our partners Sophos, results based upon a survey of 3000 IT Managers across 12 countries and 6 continents.

We understand that organisations have to fight the threat and protect themselves appropriately. It’s vital to know how your current cyber security posture exposes you to this growing risk to your business.

Our free Cyber Security Assessment is designed to benchmark your organisation’s current cyber security status. The assessment is based on reviewing the ‘key controls’ that have to be in place if you are to reduce the risk of business disruption and/or having to pay a large fine due to a data breach.

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Why do I need a free cyber security assessment?

The simple answer is that you cannot manage the risk if you have a lack of information and understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities that you are faced with as a business.

  • Cyber21 will undertake a Free Cyber Security Risk Assessment for your organisation.
  • Our consultants will arrange a Microsoft Teams call to discuss your status and make a risk-based assessment.
  • This assessment can be used to improve your overall cyber and information security risk status.

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Contact us to find out more about our Cyber Security Risk Assessment. There is no onward obligation to use our services.

Free Cyber Security Assessment