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Risk Reduction Consultancy

Our dedicated team of cyber security professionals are experienced in assisting businesses in reducing their risk of cyber attacks and avoiding the resulting damage to their organisation. Whatever stage you are at with regards to implementing cyber security, we will be able to add value at very affordable and competitive rates.

Typically, our cyber security team assists with:

  • The management of your overall cyber security services and solutions
  • Implementing technical solutions such as Endpoint Protection with anti-virus and anti-malware solutions to protect your user’s workstations and the servers that host your key business systems
  • Testing your core web-based applications (i.e. penetration testing) and assessing the vulnerabilities and overall risk exposure
  • Implementing technical solutions that can detect threats in real time and proactively contain those threats before they have chance to infiltrate your organisation’s network
  • Training your IT team to manage cyber security technology as part of their business-as-usual activities
  • Training your staff in information and cyber security awareness to reduce the risk of an insider originated breach

Our risk reduction consultancy services are both affordable and competitive. You can avoid paying extortionate day rates by contacting us – we will be happy to discuss our approach and how we can save you money whilst delivering an effective, high-value service.

Risk Reduction Pricing Information

  • We charge for this service on a professional working day rate
  • We have the following categories of resources:
    • Senior Consultant (onshore)
    • Consultant (onshore)
    • Senior Consultant (offshore)
    • Consultant (offshore)

Our day rates are highly competitive. Please complete our enquiry form below, describing what assistance you may be looking for. We will respond as soon as possible.

Why choose Cyber21 as your cyber security partner?

Cyber and information security professionals are highly sought after and generally very difficult and expensive to recruit. Outsourcing this requirement to Cyber21 is a highly affordable alternative.

  • Our professional day rates are very competitive in this highly sought after marketplace. Why pay more?
  • We have both onshore and offshore resources and can expand to meet all types and sizes of project.
  • Our pragmatic delivery approach is designed to add maximum value with minimum disruption.

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Find out more about how Cyber21 can reduce your cyber security risk exposure. We are happy to help.

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