About Us

Cyber21 is a trading name of DMPC Ltd, a UK registered company that specialises in affordable cyber security products and services.

Our team of dedicated cyber security professionals focus on providing pragmatic consultancy services that are designed to meet your specific cyber security requirements. Our approach is to provide you with solutions that will address your cyber security challenges whilst ensuring that they are both affordable and technically sound.

We are based in Shropshire, in the rural heart of the Midlands. We cover the whole of the United Kingdom and provide our services either remotely or onsite as required. Cyber21 are partners with a number of cyber security organisations including being a certified partner of Sophos. Sophos are a leading Gartner Magic Quadrant provider of a suite of cyber security products and services.

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ISO27001 Certification

Affordable ISO27001 implementation. You can achieve the required standard at the minimum expense.

Threat Detection

Our threat detection services ensures that you prevent cyber related attacks from breaching your network and systems.

Cyber Security Strategy

Every business needs to have a cyber security strategy to defend itself against the growing threat of cyber related crime.

Free Risk Assessment

Take advantage of our free cyber security risk assessment. It will cost you nothing to find out your current security status.


Our Approach To Cyber Security

Cyber security serves to reduce risk to your day-to-day business operations. It's often complex; a challenge that requires improving the skills and awareness of your employees around maintaining information security. Robust security-related processes are also vital in managing risk and incidents as they occur. Finally, we focus on implementing affordable but effective technology to support the reduction in your exposure to cyber crime.

  • Secure By Design

    Effective cyber security doesn't happen without taking a suitably strategic approach.

  • Focus on reducing risk

    We assist our customers to reduce their risk of damage and disruption from cyber attacks.

  • Robust systems & processes

    The only way to secure your business long-term is through implementing robust systems and processes.

What do our customers say about us?

Below are some examples of customer comments about our services. Note - these are anonymised as we always maintain customer confidentiality. However, references can be obtained upon request.

Find out how vulnerable you are to a cyber attack.

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